Sanitary Sewer Permit

A sanitary sewer system tap fee is required in order to hook up a sanitary sewer line. This fee, for either residential or commercial hookup, must be paid at the Building / Zoning Office located at 115 Harding Way East, or calling 419-468-2642.

Hookup Responsibilities
A sanitary sewer hookup is the property owner's responsibility. A licensed contractor is not required, but we strongly urge the services of an experienced contractor be obtained. It is the owner / contractor's responsibility to contact the Sewer Department to arrange for inspection before the hook-up is covered.

It is illegal to connect the following to a sewer system:
  • Downspouts
  • Sump pumps
  • Foundation drainage
Inspection required
A tap inspection is needed before the hole is covered.

Note: It is your responsibility to arrange an inspection by contacting the Wastewater Treatment Department at 419-468-5010.

Other Permits You May Need