Crawford County Land Bank

Land banks are quasi-governmental corporations with the authority to take over vacant properties that have slipped into tax delinquency. Until September of 2016, Ohio only allowed land banks in counties with populations of at least 60,000. After Crawford County became eligible for a land bank, one was established by the county commissioners and county treasurer. 

The county recently received a $1.7 million grant to begin selecting blighted homes and acquiring them for demolition. Galion properties currently on the target list are:
538 East Walnut
984 Allen
329 E Church St
322 E Church St
221 N Washington St
346 E Payne Ave
540 N Columbus St
701 N Columbus St
393 Third Ave
1265 Harding Way East
969 Harding Way East
248 South St
356 Oak St
867 S Market St
608 S Market St
616 S Market St
354 S Market St
330 W Railroad St
516 S Boston St
411 S Boston St
375 Cherry St
391 W Atwood St
411 S Union St
178 Sixth St
867 East Walnut