How do I handle an electrical shock?
There are 2 classifications of electric shock - low voltage and high voltage.

Low Voltage (Household)
  • Call for emergency medical help immediately by dialing 911.
  • Determine if the person is still in contact with the circuit or power source. If the person is in contact, assume the circuit is still energized.
  • Turn off the power at your fuse box or circuit breaker panel.
  • If you can't turn the power off, use a dry piece of wood, a plastic or wooden broom, or dry leather clothing to separate the victim from the power source.
  • Never attempt to remove a person from an energized circuit with your bare hands!
  • Once the victim is free, if they are not breathing or does not have a heartbeat, start CPR immediately; the victim is probably in cardiac arrest (Do not attempt CPR if you don't know the correct procedures).
  • If the victim is conscious, keep them seated and quiet. Take the victim to the hospital for testing and observation or call 911.

High Voltage (Outdoor)
  • If a person is in contact with a power line, assume the line to be energized and dangerous.
  • Do not attempt to use an insulating device to free the person from the power line.
  • Stay clear and warn others to keep away (50 feet or more).
  • Call immediately for emergency medical help by dialing 911.
  • Call your electric utility company.

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