Airport Commission

The Airport Commission meets quarterly or as determined from time to time by the Commission.

City of Galion Ordinance 95-6155 establishes an Airport Commission. The Commission has the following duties:
  • To study the problems and determine the needs of the city in connection with aviation, both locally and in its relation to the development of future transportation service.
  • Advises the City Manager concerning the management, personnel, activities, operation, policy, extension and financial problems of the airport.
  • Recommends desirable legislation concerning aviation activities.
  • Provides regular and special meetings where aviation activities and the operation, management and improvements of the airport may be discussed by the members of the Commission and others interested in aviation.
  • Receive assignments from the City Manager for study, consideration and recommendations of any problems confronting the city in the field of aviation.
  • Review and comment on the City Manager's proposed annual operating budget.
  • Make such studies and develop programs, recommendations, or findings as it deems necessary or as may be requested by the City Manager.
  • To make recommendations on different methods of financing airport improvements, studies and land acquisitions.
  • Recommend a long-term capital improvement program.
  • Recommend grant applications for federal, state, regional or local agencies.
  • Develop and implement procedures and programs for the operation and maintenance of the airport.
For further information contact the City Building at 301 Harding Way East, 419-468-1857.