City Council


Meetings are held in Council Chambers in the second floor of the City Building. Due to COVID-19, council meetings and committee meetings are video streamed through the City Facebook page. Replays of past videos are available here


City Council is the legislative authority of the City of Galion. As such, Council, by majority vote, constitutes the ultimate local authority in Galion. The power to make local laws belongs only to City Council. The Mayor and his staff cannot make laws, but have the responsibility to enforce the laws made by Council.

City Council approaches its work with a sincere desire to serve the public properly. No Council meeting starts without the Pledge of Allegiance to remind us all of our civic duties. In the tradition set by the United States Senate, Council members then offer a prayer asking for guidance to best serve the needs of all in Galion.

Once the meeting is underway, the public is invited to participate. The Council, by virtue of its very structure, approaches the job with the attitude that teamwork is necessary if good work is to be done.

Click here to view the Council Rules.

Council Seats

The City of Galion is a statutory city with elections for City Council that are non-partisan. Party politics are therefore not a part of city government in Galion.

There are 7 city council seats, 3 of which are at-large and 4 of which are ward seats - 1 for each of the 4 wards.

Candidates that reside anywhere within the city may fill the at-large council seats. Every registered voter in the city may participate in the vote for at-large candidates. A candidate for a ward seat must reside in that ward, and only the residents from that ward may participate in the vote for that ward seat.

What ward do you live in?

The city is divided into 4 quadrants, centered on the square, with Market Street and Harding Way serving as the dividing lines.
  • First Ward: all land lying west of North Market Street and north of Harding Way West
  • Second Ward: all land lying north of Harding Way East and east of North Market Street
  • Third Ward: all land lying south of Harding Way East and east of South Market Street
  • Fourth Ward: all land lying west of South Market Street and south of Harding Way West 
Ward Map