City Offices

The main office for the City of Galion is the City Building, located at 301 Harding Way East. There you will find the offices of the mayor, safety-service director, auditor, city council and the law director. The second floor houses the Galion Division of the Crawford County Municipal Court, which hears cases on Mondays and Tuesdays. There is an elevator located on the east side of the building.

The Police Department and Fire Department are located in the back sections of the City Building. The public entrances are located off Liberty Street.

The Service Garage is located immediately behind the City Building. Various vehicles and large equipment items are stored there.

The Utility Office is located at 115 Harding Way East. This is where utility customers go to pay their bills, request payment arrangements and ask questions regarding their bill. The city building inspector also has an office there.

The Health Department is located at 113 Harding Way East (immediately beside the Utility Office).

The Electric Line Department operates out of a building located at 700 Primrose Street.

The Water Treatment Plant is located at 625 West Railroad Street and the Waste Water Treatment Plant is located at 6374 Hosford Road.