Housing in Galion

Thinking about building a new home or remodeling and existing home? You may qualify for a residential tax exemption. The entire corporate limits are a Community Reinvestment Area. A percentage of your increased property value after your project can be abated for a defined number of years. 

  • New Construction of a Single-family Home: 50% abatement for 15 years
  • Home Renovation of $5,000-60,000: 50% abatement for 10 years
  • Home Renovation of more than $60,001: 75% abatement for 10 years (school board approval required)

For example, if you build a new home for $100,000 and the County Auditor assesses your property at $35,000, you would pay approximately $2,862 per year in property taxes. Through a 50% abatement you would pay $1,431 per year. You would save a total of $21,467 over the 15-year exemption period. 

There is more than 250 vacant acres of land in Galion to build a house on. You can contact the Building Department to get started. There are four local banks to speak with about a mortgage: First Federal Bank, Galion Building & Loan Bank and United Bank.

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