How do I handle electrical fires?
Always be prepared. Keep a multi-purpose, type "ABC" (type "C" for electrical fires) fire extinguisher nearby. Mount the fire extinguisher in plain view near an escape route and away from potential fire hazards such as heating appliances. Review the manufacturer's instructions and know how to use the extinguisher prior having an emergency. If there is a fire:
  • Make sure everyone has left or is leaving the house before attempting to fight a fire.
  • Don't fight the fire if the fire could block your escape route.
  • Call 911 for help even if the fire seems small and you think you can put it out.
  • If the fire is confined to an appliance, electrical cord, outlet, or switch, shut off the power by opening your main breaker or disconnect, which is usually located near the electric meter. If it is faster, shut off the circuit breakers at your electric service panel or unscrew the fuses at the fuse box. Do this only if you can do so without endangering yourself.
  • Never use water on an electrical fire! Water can carry the electricity back to you and you could receive a deadly shock.
  • Use your multi-purpose or "C" fire extinguisher to put out the fire. If you manage to put out the fire, have the firefighters check to be sure the fire is not smoldering out of plain sight.

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